About Us

Owner & Founder:    David Perun



David's involvement in the arts began over 35 years ago in Toronto, when he worked creating props for the live operatic production of “Ra” by Canadian composer Murray Schaeffer.
David’s art training includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Quebec in Montreal, with a major in sculpture.  While in Montreal he also studied art history at the University of Concordia and Life Drawing under Francois Barbeau & Francois Vincent at the National Theater School.

He has received several recognitions and awards for his artwork.  His awards include the McAbbie Award in fine art  and  his installation piece “Train”, part of a juried group exhibition in Montreal, was featured on the CBC news.

He has been involved in community art projects in Toronto, Montreal, Santa Fe and Vancouver.

He also continues to work as a Property Master in film production where he has helped to design and create props for over 40 Hollywood productions. A list of his film work can be found on the ‘Internet Movie Data Base’ at:  www.imdb.com

David with his wife Audrey and daughter Sophia moved to Powell River and opened Skylight Art Studio in 2009.